Where I Buy My Royalty Free Photos

I have always been a massive fan of the Envato network. I’ve bought quite a few WordPress themes through ThemeForest, but there latest marketplace is quickly becoming my favourite:

Introducing: PhotoDune

PhotoDune is a royalty free photography marketplace that already has over 220,000 items for sale. Each item is priced based on their size and since most websites only need the ‘extra small’ or ‘small’ sized photos they will only set you back $1-2.

Here are a couple of the photos that I have recently bought for my new niche site.

*Using their watermarked images as I only have single licenses – which allows me to use the photos on one site*

PhotoDune Asian College Student Where To Get Cheap Royalty Free Photos For Your Niche Sitesman and woman handcuffed Where To Get Cheap Royalty Free Photos For Your Niche Sites

As you can see, the photos are vibrant and professional and from memory I paid $1 for the first one, and $2 for the second (cause I needed a larger size).

If you are looking for cheap royalty free photos for your websites then head over to PhotoDune and see what they have to offer!

Where Do You Get Your Photos?

Do you have a favourite website (either free or paid) where you get your photos from? Leave a comment below because I would love to check them out.